XBeeCrtl 1.3

XBeeCrtl is an ActiveX for Visual Basic, Delphi etc to access XBee® devices
1.3 (See all)

XBeeCrtl is a powerful and simple ActiveX control (OCX) that allows Visual Basic, Delphi, Excel and other OLE Container applications to quickly and easily access XBee® devices. XBeeCrtl supports Non Escaped Character (API = 1) and Escaped Character (API = 2) connections.
Some key features of the program are:
1)Event occurs when you receive a message.
2)These events can be disabled and you can choose another programming methodology.
3)Your program does not stop while waiting for XBee® transactions to finish.
4)You can communicate with multiple ports simultaneously.
5)The events are executed properly even while multiple messages are sent at the same time.
6)Compatible with XBee® serie 1 y serie 2.
7)Compatible with API 1(Non Escaped Character) and API 2 (Escaped Character).

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